The Didi Hirsch Legacy Society

Please let us know if you would like more information on planned giving, or if you already plan to provide for Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services in your estate. No minimum commitment is required for recognition in the Didi Hirsch Legacy Society, and your participation will serve as an example to others. Members of the Legacy Society are recognized in the annual report, on our website, and in other appropriate ways. Legacy Society members are invited to our annual donor reception and other activities of interest.

For further information, go to our planned giving home page, or contact Vice President of Development, Joel Wyatt, at 310-751-5425 or


Legacy Society Founders

Honoring those who have made planned gift commitments of $1,000,000 or more

Michael Becker
Cynthia Chaillie Marchant
Andrew E. Rubin

Legacy Society Members

Curley L. Bonds, M.D.
Anette R. Brown
Kita S. Curry, Ph.D. and Peter W. Curry
Linda and Martin J. Frank
Julianne Grossman
Todd Hays
Sharon Kopman and Jason Kay Trust
Janine and Henry Lichstein
Francine Chandler Righter
Richard Ross
Joel Safranek
Jilliene F. Schenkel
Terrence V. Scott
Susan Goran Sobel
Lisa & Michael C. Wierwille
Kate Zimmermann-Geismar

In Memoriam:

Robert E. Emerson
Gerald Geismar
Edna H. Larkin
Stanley D. Lelewer
Max Silver and Louise E. Light
Judith Anne Phillips
Guy Righter
Marjorie J. Schoenberg
Eileen J. Vogt

The Tony Ross Memorial Fund
Created through the generosity of his father, Richard Ross



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